Alcoholic Service Liability

Dram Shop Cases

Legal Responsibility To Pay Money Damages

It isn’t always just the drunk driver’s fault. Often times, the drunk driver has been over-served alcohol at a bar or a restaurant far beyond the point of being obviously intoxicated.   In Texas, we refer to cases against servers of alcohol as “Dram Shop Cases.”

Under the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, servers of alcohol have a legal duty to not serve alcohol to someone that is obviously intoxicated. This means that bars, restaurants and even the bartender can be legally responsible to pay money damages if they overserve alcohol to a customer or to a minor who is then involved in a wreck that results inpersonal injury or wrongful death.

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Time is critical in this investigation.  The staff at most restaurants and bars often come and go.   Evidence gets lost or is destroyed the more time that goes by.   If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, hire an attorney who will fight for you.  Call now for a free consultation at (214) 432-2800.