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Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Disputes

Your home is typically your largest asset. You protect this asset by purchasing homeowners’ insurance to be there in your time of need. Homeowners’ insurance policies can protect your property from a variety of losses, including storm damage, fire, plumbing leaks. You expect your homeowners insurance carrier to be there for you and pay you benefits when you need them most. Although many claims are pain in full and in a timely manner without any problem, all too frequently, valid claims are unreasonably delayed or outright denied.

Representation in Your Time of Need.

Dealing with an insurance claim while you are trying to rebuild your home and life at the same time is extremely difficult. We have represented numerous homeowners in their time of need and have litigated against their insurance companies when their claims were unreasonably delayed or denied.

We have represented individuals living in homes, condominiums, townhomes, as well as rental homes and multi-family residences in a variety of claims for damage caused by fire, tornadoes, water leaks, storms, and other types of losses. Our residential property insurance practice focuses on representation of homeowners residing in luxury and high value properties.

Our representation includes hiring consultants such as engineers, roofing consultants, damage experts, claims handling experts and other consultants, when necessary to prove our client’s case. The insurance companies frequently hire consultants which are relied upon to delay or deny claims. Should that happen, then you must have an attorney who is familiar with and can retain competent experts to challenge the opinions made by the insurance company consultants which were relied upon to deny the claim. This allows us to seek the amount in claim compensation that will help you have a full recovery.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices.

Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith. This means they must perform a reasonable investigation of the claim and pay the claim when it is clear it is owed. While not all insurance claims are handled in bad faith, all too many are. Commercial property owners purchase expensive insurance coverage to protect them from damage resulting from a variety of perils. Without coverage, a significant loss can bankrupt a business. An attorney with extensive insurance claim experience can represent you in pursuit of wrongfully denied benefits to ensure you recover the funds needed to restore your property and business.

We have extensive experience working with policyholder clients who have had their claims underpaid, delayed or denied by their insurance companies. For a complimentary consultation, please contact us at (214) 432-2800.

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