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How Thomas Herald Builds Trust and Confidence

Trust & Confidence

Trust & Confidence are the two most important things you need from your attorney.  When you hire Thomas A. Herald, P.C. to represent you, I believe you deserve to have:

Trust that your attorney cares about you.

Trust that your attorney will work for you to maximize your recovery.

Confidence knowing you are being taken care of;

Confidence knowing that your attorney has:

Has the Experience to help you;

Has the Knowledge to handle complex legal cases;

Has the Skills and Resouces to fight the insurance companies and

Is A Real Trial Lawyer.

Confidence knowing that you have hired the right attorney.

If that time has come where you have been in an accident and need to know your rights, you need an attorney you can trust has the experience, knowledge, and skills to properly represent you.   I also believe it is critical that you hire an attorney hat will take a personal interest in your case and that will passionately represent you.   Thomas A. Herald will be there for you.

Hire the lawyer other lawyers hire.

The majority of the cases that I handle are referred to me from other attorneys who have come to know me through the years.  I am truly honored to have earned the trust and respect of my fellow attorneys.   It is absolutely one of the greatest compliments I can get to know that other attorneys trust me enough to refer their family members, friends or even their own clients to me to represent.

Some of the cases I handle are referred to me from attorneys have cases against.  Those attorneys have seen the type of legal representation that I provide my clients.  They know that I will fight hard for my clients.  They have that trust and confidence that I will provide competent legal representation for their family members, friends and clients.

In addition, a large number of the cases that I handle are referred to me from the attorney the client originally hired.  The client must consent to the referral before I will accept the case.  While this may sound unusual at first, this is a very common practice for one lawyer to refer a client to another lawyer.  There are many different reasons for these referrals.  Sometimes the case is referred to me because of a  potential conflict of interest, or sometimes it is as simple as the original lawyer knows my reputation, and the lawyer has the trust and confidence in my abilities and reputation of fighting hard for my clients.   Whatever the reason for the referral, the original attorney believes my involvement in the case will add value to the case and will bring something unique to the case that will ultimately benefit the client. 

About Me

My goal in representing my clients is to give my clients the trust and confidence they deserve to know that they hired the right attorney. That confidence and trust is earned. 

From my experience, Trust & Confidence are earned by being:

A Smart Lawyer

Every client wants a smart attorney, but measuring what makes an attorney “smart” is hard to quantify.   To me, a smart lawyer is a lawyer who has a wide variety of skill sets or tools to use in representing the client.  The necessary skills and tools vary from case to case and from client to client.

Obviously, the attorney needs to be aware of the laws and rules that affect a client’s case, but a smart lawyer needs to understand more than just the law, a smart lawyer needs to understand the practical, real-life issues that impact a client and a client’s case.  Sometimes being smart is helping a client get a quick settlement.   Sometimes, being smart may be encouraging a client to stand strong and fight for their rights by filing a lawsuit or by rejecting an unreasonably low settlement offer, or by advising the client that this is a case that should go to trial.  A smart lawyer will help a client evaluate the risks of the case, the costs associated with the case and how those costs impact the client’s eventual recovery, and the expected outcome of the case.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer

It is critical that your lawyer be knowledgeable about the law.  When I began practicing law almost 30 years ago, going to trial on a car wreck case was fairly straightforward.   There were not a lot of laws and rules that created traps.    However, over the past 30 years, car wreck cases and personal injury lawsuits have become a battleground for various special interest groups and groups who want “tort reform.”   As a result, the law has evolved considerably over the past 30 years making it much harder to win a personal injury trial and much more difficult to get fair compensation for someone who has been injured through the negligence of another.  You need a lawyer that is aware of the ever-changing laws and rules that impose new deadlines, notice requirements, and even limits on damages. 

I stay current on new laws and new case decisions that impact my clients.   I am a frequent speaker at seminars about new developments in the law.  In addition, I am known in the Texas legal community for the papers that I write concerning changes in the law regarding Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims.   I am also an active member in several legal organizations that are focused on improving the legal system, providing education opportunities for lawyers to better represent their clients and whose mission is to help people achieve justice for those who have been harmed.

An Experienced Attorney

I have the experience necessary to handle your case.  I have tried well over 200 jury trials.  You can view a copy of my most current resume through my website to get a more detailed description of my background and experience.    I have been a licensed attorney in the State of Texas since 1991.    I have personally handled thousands of cases.   

For most of my early career, I worked for the insurance company defending personal injury lawsuits probably just like yours.  That experience gives me insight into the strategies the insurance company and defense attorneys will likely try to use to avoid paying a claim.   That experience also helps gives me insight into knowing what type of information encourages the insurance company to pay a claim.

My experience in working for the insurance company includes being the Managing Attorney for Farmers Insurance and in personally defending catastrophic injury cases, wrongful death cases, drunk driving accidents and other cases involving severe injuries, large exposure cases as well as lawsuits against the insurance company for Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist benefits. 

As the Managing Attorney for Farmers Insurance, I managed 26 attorneys out of the Dallas and Longview offices, and oversaw more than 2000 cases each year that the attorneys were defending all across the North Texas area.

I have seen how an insurance company “works.”  I have seen how cases that should have been settled end up in lawsuits.  My experience as a former insurance defense attorney helps me to better understand the complicated, convoluted, and yes, often frustrating and sometimes unreasonable reasons why the insurance company refuses to pay a valid claim.  I have seen the types of things that affect an insurance company’s decision on whether to settle a case or force it to trial.  I have seen the types of things that affect an insurance company’s decision on how much to pay on a particular case.  I hope to be able to use my experience to help you maximize your recovery.

My experience helps me deal with unreasonable adjusters, and the credibility to help change their minds.   Insurance companies know my reputation.  They know that if they do not make a reasonable settlement office, I am ready, willing and able to fight for my client.  They know that I believe in my client and in my client’s case. 

While there is no guarantee that the insurance company is ever going to treat you fairly or in good faith, or that the insurance company will ever make you a reasonable settlement offer, in my experience, the best way to get a fair offer is to prove that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial to get justice, to get reasonable compensation for your injuries.  I take the approach that while I hope that we will be able to settle your case, until your case is settled, I will be working to prepare your case for trial.

In addition, to my years of experience in representing insurance companies, I also have almost 20 years of experience in representing people who are injured and getting them fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries.  I believe that people deserve to be fairly compensated for their injuries.  Fair compensation includes being compensated not only for the costs of medical expenses and lost wages, but also for the ways that these injuries impact a person’s quality of life because of physical pain, mental anguish, or from being physically impaired and being forced to limit or to not perform certain activities the way you should, and in some cases, being compensated for being disfigured.

Because of my experience in dealing with insurance companies, it is natural that a large part of my practice has focused on Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Cases and on bringing Bad Faith lawsuits against the insurance company, or other claims against the insurance company where my client is suing his or her own insurance company for not paying a valid claim.   Over the years, I have become a frequent guest lecturer and writer at various seminars across the State of Texas on insurance issues.   You can view my resume and download a copy of my papers.

A Real Trial Lawyer.

I am not afraid of going to trial.   I have had well over 200 jury trials in my career.  Although my hope for all of my clients is that I will be able to reach a settlement on their case, my reputation in the legal community is that I will not hesitate to take the case to trial to get justice for my client.

A Reputation of Being an Honest, Prepared and Skilled Lawyer

My reputation in the legal community is important to me.   I believe that I am respected by both plaintiff and defense lawyers and by the judges that I have practiced before.  As trial lawyers, we go before the same judges over and over.   The judges quickly learn which attorneys are most prepared, knowledgeable and best skilled lawyers.  My belief is that while judges do an amazing job of treating all sides and all attorneys fairly, there is value in hiring an attorney that judges know and trust will be honest, prepared and skilled.  I believe I can be that lawyer for you.

Personal Connection and Relationship with the Client

It is not enough to hire a good lawyer.  I believe you need a lawyer that has a personal connection and relationship with the client to be an effective lawyer.   I want to know each one of my clients on a first name and face-to-face basis.   Without that personal connection, the lawyer cannot be passionate for the client.  The lawyer needs that personal connection with the client to fully understand how this accident and the injuries have impacted and forever changed someone’s life so that it can be effectively communicated to the insurance company and to the jury.   As a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, I understand the importance of having an emotional connection with my clients.